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March 2020

Hands down one of the finest attorneys in divorce /domestic law. Users her abilities to read people; knowing when to push and when to pause. She doesn't create situations that run up legal fees; she just makes every attempt to settle cases in your best interest while keeping the total costs affordable. She shows true compassion and care to each and every client.



May 2020

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Kathy Bloom was/is incredible to work with. She was professional and knowledgeable. I went to her because we were going the collaborative divorce route. I still wanted to have an attorney for me but did not want to go to court. She helped make the situation feel as amicable as possible and make sure that I was protected as well. In addition, she's still someone that I use for legal advice today and I'd highly recommend Kathy Bloom!



April 12, 2019

Kathy is a wonderful attorney who cares for her clients. Kathy has helped me both in my divorce and real estate matters. She’s extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Kathy takes her time in explaining legal processes. In all, Kathy was my ultimate champion and there when I needed her most.



April 03, 2019

From my first conversation with Kathy I had a very warm vibe from her. She was always a peacemaker between my now ex-husband and me during a very difficult divorce. Her knowledge of the law and her communication skills were always top notch. She was always accessible through phone or email. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Kathy services to anyone going through this difficult time.



March 17, 2019

Kathy was my attorney for my divorce. Throughout the process, Kathy explained everything to me and consistently provided me with updates. Her responsiveness to my questions was very impressive. My divorce was granted in a timely manner and Kathy had the upmost professionalism and patience. She consistently provided me with Top notch service and I highly recommend Kathy Bloom. 


Family Law

March 15, 2019

Kathy Bloom is very pleasant to work with while at the same time being very professional. She is willing to help out if any questions arise. Great job with handling our Wills. Wish more were like her!


Residential Real Estate

March 11, 2019

Kathy Bloom is a true star and one of the absolute best attorneys that we have ever seen handle complex matters with ease. Her fact-based and practical approaches allowed for the very successful resolution of our matter. Her professionalism, courtesy and client focus is top level and not often seen in practices. She has been very helpful & insightful the entire course of our matter from beginning to end, A to Z. Kathy is very highly recommended. Avoid the commercial attorneys and hire Kathy. 



March 08, 2019

Kathy has done an incredible job in guiding me through one of my most difficult times. If you need someone in your corner i highly recommend Kathy.



March 08, 2019

Working with Kathy made a hard, frustrating, emotional experience extremely tolerable. She was great to work with through the entire process. She was able to answer my questions and really guide me through the process effectively. I also referred Kathy to a friend who was also going through the divorce process due to my experience with her.



March 08, 2019

Kathy and her team are the best out there! Very professional and responsive yet empathetic to each case. Happy to have dealt with them!!!



March 08, 2019

She is incredible! Efficient and fair ! You will get excellent service from Kathy.




Family Law

Peer Reviewed by an Attorney  |  April 08, 2019

Kathy is a leader in the collaborative law process, and an advocate for alternative dispute resolution.


Family Law

Peer Review by an Attorney  |  April 05, 2019

I highly recommend Kathy Bloom for Family Law matters. She has the drive, experience, and compassion to deliver the most for her client.


Family Law

Peer Review by a Law Partner  |  March 25, 2019

Kathy is excellent in resolving matters and especially at de-escalating volatile situations by thinking outside of the box for resolutions.


Family Law

Peer Review by a Principal at a Law Firm |  March 12, 2019

Kathy is a highly skilled family lawyer who is dedicated to keeping clients out of courtrooms wherever possible. Her professionalism, organization, and preparation for either court or settlement negotiations is superb.


Family Law

Peer Review by an Attorney  |  March 12, 2019

Kathy is a colleague and friend. Our business relationship evolved into a friendship after Kathy and I worked as opposing counsel on several cases. As opposing counsel, she comes to the table incredibly prepared, with a deep understanding of the emotionality of divorce and the need to think outside the box. She knows the law, she is forthright and she can be trusted. She is a remarkably skilled negotiator and communicator who encourages confidence in the collaborative process.


Family Law

Peer Review by an Attorney  |  March 11, 2019

I've worked with Kathy and she is extremely knowledgeable yet one of the most down to earth, pleasant and collegial attorneys I have met, always willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend her.


Family Law

Peer Review by a Principal at a Law Firm  |  March 11, 2019

Kathy is an excellent attorney and she is committed to finding a peaceful resolution for her clients.

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Rated on 02/25/19 in Child Custody.

Danielle is very professional . Danielle is always prepared and has the situation under control. She has a very calm and reassuring demeanor that tends to lessen the potentially stressful effects of litigation. Danielle always takes the time to listen and is very creative and resourceful in her approach to your legal situation.

Rated on 02/25/19 in Divorce.

I was completely devastated when I found out my wife had moved on from our marriage, I was depressed and not thinking clearly when I hired my first attorney trying to make sense of what I was going through. What I didn't realize was that not all attorneys are equal in execution of plans. By the time I found out how far gone i was i hired Danielle Peters and could not have been more surprised and thrilled to have someone fight so fiercely on my behalf. I would absolutely recommend her. Very happy 

Rated on 04/22/19 in Divorce.

It's hard to put into words how blessed and fortunate I feel to have found Danielle. I originally had another lawyer who wasn't getting much movement on my divorce and can't imagine how much longer I would have been tied up if I didn't meet with her. She wasted no time picking up the pieces of where my other lawyer had left me. She was always communicating with me and sticking to her timelines that she provided. I really felt like she had my back through the entire process. Highly recommend! 


Rated on 04/12/19 in Child Custody.

I first came to Danielle 3 years ago, facing the toughest decision of my life. Danielle helped put me in a position where I’d never imagined I’d be. She was an ultimate advocate for me and what I was facing. Danielle took her time and showed me how the process of divorce and child custody would play out. At every turn, Danielle was there. Moments when I thought all hope was lost, she was there to pick me up and keep things positive. She is diligent in her work and unwavering in her support


Rated on 04/03/19 in Divorce.

Danielle is a very hardworking, Intelligent, fierce lawyer. Her confidence in handling cases is reflected in the courtroom. I had a very difficult divorce with a unethical opposing lawyer at times and Daniele was always very professional. We would have upfront discussions about the risks and possible costs of each strategy so I never felt I was going into anything blindly. I was lucky to have Danielle in my corner. 


Rated on 03/08/19 in Child Custody.

Danielle is exceptional to work with in all aspects. As her client I feel 100% supported and trust her guidance implicitly. She is extremely responsive and provides a level of service that I believe is unmatched in her industry. I highly recommend Danielle, especially to those who are in high conflict, difficult situations.


Rated on 03/07/19 in Child Custody.

Danielle is wonderful to work with. She is kind, compassionate, professional, timely with communication and fights for my rights. I won my case because of Danielle. The whole staff in her office are caring and passionate about my case as well. Not only that, but she has allowed me to pay on a payment plan that works within my budget. I highly recommend Danielle Peters! 


Rated on 02/26/19 in Child Custody.

I previously had the pleasure of working with Danielle and her team on a child custody matter. Danielle was always spot on and far exceeded my expectations. She thinks with a great level of common and business sense and always had my family best interest in mind. Her outstanding support team was professional, timely and friendly. Working with Danielle was a pleasant experience and I highly recommend her. I will not hesitate to use her vast talents again in the future. 



Rated by an Attorney on 02/26/19 in Family Law 

I know Danielle and she is smart, caring and an excellent professional attorney. I would be happy to work with her and recommend her to anyone. 


Rated by a Partner on 02/26/19 in Family Law 

I worked with Danielle as an assistant district attorney in Bucks County, PA. After we both moved to private practice, I have maintained contact with her and regularly discuss legal matters with her. I find her to be very knowledgeable in the field of family law, child custody, mediation and the related field. I have referred clients to her and those clients have expressed their gratitude for Danielle's work. She is a pleasure to work with and I will refer clients in the future. 


Rated by an Attorney on 03/12/19 in Family Law 

Danielle is an incredibly capable family lawyer who is skilled in both alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Danielle is my go to attorney for help with complex legal issues, Because she can think like a mediator and a litigator, she can quickly analyze the issues and provide me with suggestions. She is smart and creative and a truly nice and decent person. Without a doubt, I would recommend Danielle for a high AV Rating and I am proud that she has asked me for this recommendation. 


Rated by an Attorney on 03/04/19 in Family Law 

Danielle Peters is a strong advocate for her clients working tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for them in line with their goals. She is knowledgeable and experienced in the field as well as compassionate towards her clients. 

Rated by a Partner on 03/25/19 in Child Custody 

Provides excellent and detail to work towards a resolution and offers alternate forums for clients to voice their issues and work towards a resolution. 


Rated by a Principal on 02/25/19 in Family Law 

Excellent and caring lawyer. 


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