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Updated: Apr 2, 2018

In Pennsylvania, if you have out of pocket medical expenses for your child(ren) and those child(ren) are the subject of a child support order, or a spouse subject to spousal support or alimony pendente lite (APL), you need to notify the other party of their share of those expenses before March 31, 2018 for any final bill received for 2017. You should make the request on a medical expense reimbursement form that is specific to your county.  The form requires the date of service, the provider, the total amount, and the unreimbursed amount.  A separate form is required for each person covered by the support order. Copies of the bills and verification of the payments must be attached to the form.  Notification to the other party should be made by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested and First Class Mail.

Your support order will spell out your obligation as either the person paying support or the person receiving support.  In the case of child support, in most cases, custodial parents are responsible for the first $250 of medical expenses not covered by insurance for each child.  Any expenses over that amount are split by the parents according to the custody order or agreement.  Those percentages could be split equally, or one parent may be required to pay all of it, especially if there is a huge disparity of income.  Check your support order to see exactly what it states whether it is for child support or spousal support/APL.

Whatever your share of the obligation, you MUST notify the other party of any money they owe you before March 31 of each year for the prior calendar year.  If you fail to notify the other party that you want to be reimbursed for their share of those expenses by March 31st, you may waive the right to seek reimbursement.

If your order also covers extracurricular activities, childcare reimbursement provisions, and/or tuition reimbursement, you must follow the same procedure for enforcement.

If the party from whom you are seeking reimbursement fails to pay or to make arrangements to pay for the outstanding medical expenses or special expenses within 30 days of receipt of the request, you can file for a Medical/Special Conditions Contempt Conference to have the court help you to recoup those expenses.  If you need help with this, contact us for more information, or for legal assistance.


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