Legal options for all family law matters

Collaborative Practice~Mediation~Litigation

Sometimes only one party chooses to retain an attorney and the other opts to represent himself or herself.  We will work with the parties to negotiate an amicable out of court settlement.  The unrepresented party is free to seek individual legal counsel at any time, or just have final documents, such as a custody agreement or property settlement agreement, reviewed by separate counsel to protect their interests.  When the parties share the costs, it can be a great savings. 
A collaborative divorce can be the best approach for parties who want to work through the issues in a team approach.  Everyone agrees to stay out of court to negotiate all issues in an amicable and cooperative fashion.  Neutral professionals such as financial advisors and mental health professionals can be used to help resolves some of the issues, if needed.  This is especially helpful for high net worth situations or complicated finances.  It is private, confidential and always considers the best interests of the children, if any.
Some couples choose to work through their issues with the help of a neutral mediator.  A mediator can help parties have a meaningful conversation, so they can work out issues related to divorce and custody, and other matters.  The mediator will draft a memorandum of understanding for the parties.  That document can be taken to a lawyer to draft and file formal documents or the parties can draft and file the documents themselves
Our firm's civil litigation practice includes complex divorce and custody matters, alienation, support, relocation, and protection from abuse/restraining orders.  Our attorneys always try to negotiate on your behalf before going to court, but sometimes a matter must be litigated.  As your counsel, we will vehemently and competently advocate for you in and out of court. 

Parenting coordination can help parents with high conflict custody issues resolve those issues without going to court.  It can save time and money to use a parenting coordinator.  A parenting coordinator, who is a specially trained attorney appointed by the court, hears both sides of the disputes from the parents and after careful examination, makes a determination for them that is submitted to the court for final approval.  The parents split the cost of the parenting coordinator.  

An attorney is your best advocate to ensure a successful adoption by following the laws and protocols involved and providing you with a successful adoption plan.  Our attorneys will ensure that your adoption proceeds as smoothly as possible.


We offer preparation of wills and other estate documents, including powers of attorney, advance directives, and  health care powers of attorney.