Entrepreneur/Start-up Services/Business Entity Formation

Our team of attorneys can advise you and help you determine which form of business will best serve your business needs, and then help you establish the business in that form.  ​


Services for Existing Business

Once your business is established we can advise you on issues pertaining to your business including:

Contract Drafting

Contract Review

Contract Negotiation

Regulatory Compliance

Labor and Employment Issues 

Risk Assessment

Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Law

In the emerging area of medical marijuana and cannabis law, we stay abreast of all of the latest case law and regulations affecting the industry, whether you are a grower or a dispensary, or would like to get into the industry.  Special consideration must be given to leases for the landlord or the tenant to protect both parties.


Real Estate Law

For home purchasers, a real estate transaction is usually the most expensive purchase you will ever make.  You should be protected from the time you draft an Agreement of Sale and offer to purchase the residence.  For home sellers, you should know what you are signing and what you risks are in signing the Agreement.  The cost of an attorney is cheap compared to what can happen without one.