Bloom Peters, LLC offers both Mediation services and Collaborative Law approaches to all family matters and other disputes, in addition to traditional litigation approaches.  These alternative dispute resolution approaches eliminate the need to go to court and can save thousands dollars and give the parties more control over their legal matters.  Call us at (215) 366-7839 or email us at to discuss this in more detail.



Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that assists parties to resolve their own issues. Mediation offers many benefits over traditional litigation:

  • Mediation can save you money, because the cost of the mediation is split between the two or more parties involved.

  • Mediation is confidential, so your "dirty laundry" is not aired in a public courtroom.

  • Mediation gives the parties more control over the legal process, instead of relinquishing control to                                   the courts and legal system.

  • A mediated agreement usually results in better compliance by the parties, because the                                agreement is a result of the parties own negotiations.

  • The agreement is also fully enforceable in a court of law. Parties willing to use mediation are                            typically ready to work towards resolution instead of spending months or years caught up in the                            legal system.

  • The mediator is a neutral party, but can help the parties with difficult situations and offer possible                   solutions the parties might not have otherwise considered.

  • Mediation can also speed up the process of resolving a legal dispute and keep you                                                from ever having to step inside of a courtroom.




Collaborative Law is a legal process that allows parties to work with their                                                                            own individual attorneys and sometimes other professionals to resolve their                                                                    legal issues such as divorce and custody without court intervention.  The                                                              collaborative process is for couples who want a civilized, respectful end to their                                                        marriage for the sake of all family members.


If the following things are important to you, Collaborative Law could be the best process for you:


  • You have control of your own divorce process and outcome.

  • You seek a civil, respectful, creative and individual process for ending your marriage.

  • You recognize the importance of future relationships - even after divorce.

  • You believe it is important to protect children from the harm litigation can inflict.

  • You place a high value on personal responsibility for handling conflict with integrity.


Call us at (215) 366-7839 or email us at for more information to to get started using a collaborative approach to your dispute.